BERKOLAN is made of 2 components delivered in two separate cans. They will chemically interact once blended and then must be used within 2 hours.

By weight: 80% BERKOLAN-1 and 20% BERKOLAN-2 

By volume: ¬†75% BERKOLAN-1 and 25% ¬†BERKOLAN-2 

2.Waiting time 

The covers should be used only after 48 hours. 

3. Be Careful! 

a.) BERKOLAN-1 and BERKOLAN-2 should be stored in a dark, dry and cool environment. (10-25C) 

b.) The application should be performed in a well ventilated room-area. 

c.) After dealing with BERKOLAN hands should be washed thoroughly and the contact of the chemical with the skin and the eyes should be avoided.  

d.) BERKOLAN-2 should be kept away from water, alcohol, acetone and similar substances and therefore should be kept away from them.  

4. Application 

a.) Cots should be thoroughly cleaned with acetone before Berkolan is applied.  

b.) Top rollers with the covers should be centered on a lathe or a cot grinding machine and Berkolan should be applied with a brush or felt running at low speed.  

c.) If above procedure is not possible Berkolan should be applied on a felt and the top rollers should be rolled on the felt back and forth allowing the covers to be treated with Berkolan.  

d.) Drop formation on the surface of the covers should be avoided. 

e.) 48 hours drying time should be allowed before placing the top rollers on the machines. 

Note: 1 set of BERKOLAN is usually good enough to cover over 3.000 pcs of ring frame cots or 450 pcs of drawframe cots.